Henry County R1 Schools

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Windsor High School
Windsor Elementary School
ACT Testing Center
Our test center code is 240840.
High School code is 263-650
Cedar's Camp Field trip "Work Hard, Play Hard."
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4- Kaysinger Conference PD Event - (No Students)
7 - Labor Day (No School)

Henry County R-1 School District will be utilizing School Messenger to provide parent and patron communications this year.  The system is similar to our former School Reach program.  One difference in the two programs is the way that SMS texting is handled.  With School Messenger, the individual wishing to receive school messages via texting must “opt-in” to the system.  We have enabled the system to start sending out the initial “opt-in” message to your cell phones.  If you wish to receive text messages from the school district, please respond by typing “Y” or “Yes” when you receive the message from the approved short code of 68453.  This will set you up to receive school messages via texting.  Please contact Kevin Sandlin, Superintendent, at (660) 647-3533 with questions. 

Ready for their Senior Year!!
In partnership with the community, we educate our youth to maximize their unique capabilities by providing a safe and challenging environment where standards are high, learning is the priority, and civic responsibility is instilled.
The high performance of this school is achieved through the partnership of the community, parents, students, and faculty. This partnership results in all students excelling in all possible endeavors to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens.


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Parents and community patrons interested in serving on various school committees are encouraged to contact Superintendent, Kevin Sandlin at (660) 647-3533.
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Superintendent's Office I 210 North Street I Windsor, MO 65360

Mr. Kevin Sandlin, Superintendent I 660-647-3533 I Fax 660-647-2711

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