Launch Information


Dear Parents:

Here is some information regarding the new Launch Program we are using at HCR1: 

We are excited to announce that we have bought a new program that allows us to bring in new course offerings. This will mainly affect our credit recovery and online course work students. This program will replace Study Island, our previous system. We chose to use this program due to its increased rigor and the fact it allows students access to new courses that we would not be able to offer previously.  Another important factor is that the Launch program is taught by Missouri teachers through the Springfield Public School System which allows us to make sure all classes and subjects being taught are meeting Missouri state standards.

Unfortunately every school district is experiencing a shortage of certified teachers for the 2022-2023 school year.  With this program, we will be offering online Launch classes that will include Physical Science, Physics, Spanish and Chemistry.  Again, these classes are designed and coordinated through the Springfield Missouri Public School system. They are taught by certified Missouri teachers that are employed by the Springfield Public School System. This program will make sure our students are meeting Missouri standards and practices. This will be done on a year to year basis, or until we fill the open position. We are not alone in this issue, however, we do understand that there is no replacement for an in-person teacher. We will do everything in our power to ensure that our students' needs are met. If you have any questions, please feel free to make contact with Justin Wells, High School Principal; Brad Forrest, High School Assistant Principal. 

How this will work:

If your student has to take a class offered through Launch, we have hired a person to fill in as a proctor, their job will be to:

1. If your student is enrolled in one of these classes you will receive an email. The email will contain important information. Please do not disregard it. 
2. Proctor the classroom, and make sure all students are supervised.
3. Answer any questions that the students may have or put them in contact with the appropriate person through the program.
4. Make sure all technology is in working order and, if not, work with our IT department to get it working. 
5. Help monitor student achievement, which will involve student and parent contact in regards to grades, class progression, etc.