High School Success Room Supervisor.

Job Opening

The Henry County R1 School District has an immediate opening for the following position: 


High School Success Room Supervisor. 

The successful candidate will be in charge of the following two tasks: 

1) supervising WHS students who have been assigned to In-School Suspension. 

2) supervising WHS students enrolled in off-campus, on-line classes.


ISS duties and responsibilities will include: 

 *Provide supervision for students who are assigned to the In-School Suspension classroom. 

 *Take daily attendance. 

 *Review In-School Suspension policies, procedures, and student expectations with students on a daily basis. 

 *Monitor all ISS assignments, provide support to students, monitor tests, computer work, and provide 

 instructional support when appropriate. 

 *Ensure students have supervision while in ISS. 

 *Communicate with staff members to request student work and also return student work when completed. 

 *Work with school administrators to coordinate an ISS schedule. 


Online student supervision responsibilities:

 *Supervise and monitor students who are enrolled in online classes during their time here at WHS. 

 *Provide technical support to students as needed. 

 *Provide instructional support to students as needed. 

Pay will be based on the classified salary schedule.

The position will remain open until a qualified candidate is located. 


Interested candidates need to contact Mr. Hunter at Windsor High School: 660-647-3106 ext. 313.  

Thank you, 


Brad Hunter, Ed.S

Windsor High School Principal

Planning for success